Republic of the Philippines
REACT Philippines, Inc.

A. Luna Avenue., CRS-AFP Compound

Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo,
Quezon City



REACT Philippines, Inc. based in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1982 under the close supervision of the civil Relations Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.


It has become the largest Radio Civic Organization aiding our government in the national and local levels, and our people in times of emergencies and calamities.  It has also helped deliver programs in public safety, public-order, environmental, and other community development activities through the rapid gathering and dissemination of information throughout the country.


It has been able to make linkages with various government agencies and non-government organizations in many parts of the country in one time or another for the past 24 years.


Last July 16, 2006, REACT Philippines chartered another group here in Cebu City with the chartered name “REACT Metro Cebu Group” under the leadership of its group chief Mr. Bethlehem Holaysan Jr.  This is not the first group here in Cebu.  REACT Philippines have chartered several groups before here in Cebu, Mandaue and even in Mactan.


Their aim for the past two years was to go through several trainings to equip them to fulfill their duties.   Such seminars include a course in Traffic Management conducted by the CITOM. Aside from being deputized by the CITOM, some of the React members are deputized by the LTO as well. On the medical side, the group had a basic course in First Aid conducted by the Phil. National Red Cross. The group also had a seminar on security management and crowd control. A seminar on bomb detection was presented by the Cebu City SWAT division. The group also had a course on VIP security and protection done by the CIDG. Aside from that, the PSPG conducted a seminar on VIP escorting.


Aside from these seminars and trainings, the group also had an outreach program last December 2007, feeding more than a hundred families. The group has assisted a lot of concerts both from the local and international scenes. As of now, the group is having its weekly checkpoints assisting the CITOMS and the organics. As of the moment, we are screening more eligible and committed members, undergo some more trainings and seminars

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